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Friday river level update

June 28th, 2013 2 comments

The river level at the Hwy 70 bridge is 7’1″ – Excellent, excellent paddling. Going through the rapids should be quick – some standing waves but no where near the 3 -4 ft we had a week ago.
We had an accident in front of our place tonight – a car was stopped with blinker on to turn and another car just ran right into the back end of this car.
State Road 70, a US highway, carries a tremendous amount of traffic – traffic that many times doesn’t follow the speed limit, so be careful and SLOW DOWN – Life is to short as it is to end it prematurely on some dumb highway!!!!

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River Level is high!!

June 23rd, 2013 No comments

Water levels have risen on the St Croix River!!!  We went from 3’5″ to 7’3″  because of all the rain we have received in the last few days.  Rapids are class 2’s with standing waves of 3 -4 ft.  Lots of ups and downs through the rapids.  It’s perfect for kayaking with skirts which we have for our solo kayaks.  In a canoe, one could get swamped by the waves!!!!  There are lots of stretches of river though that do not have rapids and paddling is great.

The river usually comes down within a few days so through the week and next weekend should be fast water with less rock n’ rollin’.  Sun is shining – it is a beautiful day on the river.

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Monday, May 6th – 2013

May 6th, 2013 1 comment

Spring is here, FINALLY, however, we think it is going to be a short season and then we will be right into summer weather. Not so good for those cool weather crops such as peas and spinach.
The water level is about 7’1″ – Excellent paddling.
People have been going out and getting through the rapids with a minimum of water ending up in their crafts. Dry clothes and dry bags are essential in weather like this. We have some paddlers that went up to Cty K on the Namekagon yesterday for a 5 day fishing/paddling venture!!! So start thinking about YOUR paddling trip!!!!

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Winter again – or yet!!!!

May 1st, 2013 No comments

It is snowing!!!! May 1st and it is snowing. Something is wrong with this picture!!!
Jerry checked the water level this morning and it is 8’11” at the Hwy 70 bridge. Excellent paddling but colder than all get out. We actually have had people out on the river – a group of students from River Falls – an outdoor ed class – and another is planned for Friday. They hike 9 miles and then paddle back to their campsites.
The NPS has closed a number of wells along the river. Budget reductions – so be prepared to bring your water or bring bottles to fill up with our wonderful well water – no chlorine – no fluorine!!! Not much iron either. Tested every year – great taste.

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April 10th, 2013 No comments

The ice is out – by us – just a little ice left near the Hwy 70 landing area. And now we are expecting 8-12 inches of snow. Unbelievable. Birds have been returning- this ought to be a surprise to them as they try to look for food and nesting material!!!! Bears are getting out and about. Might be time to bring the feeders in at night. M

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It’s Spring!!!!

April 8th, 2013 No comments

The ice is almost out – you can see open water south of the Hwy 70 Bridge!! I predict in the next couple of days if weather stays above freezing. We are starting to gear up for the season!! and reservations are starting to come in!!!
As some of you may know – we have 2 ewes and each had twins the beginning of March. Ruby had hers in the big snow storm (9 inchs!) and my niece, Carrie, had to save one from freezing to death. Needless to say, he is a bottle baby and the darling of the farm!! The other 3 are females. Cute as all get out. They run, jump, do pirouettes in the air and bounce on all 4 feet – quite funny to watch.
Jerry and I missed the whole thing because we were in Spain visiting our son, Ben and touring the country with him in a rental car. It was a fantastic trip. We looked at all the rivers we encountered and I have to say, we have the BEST RIVER right here at home. We are so fortunate to have a protected river right here in Northern WI – MN.
As the river ice floats out we will be posting the river level weekly as well as putting a few words out there about the river and things!!! HAPPY SPRING

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August 22nd, 2012 No comments

Thanks for the suggestion dw – will try to do this at least weekly if not more.
Water levels currently are low. It is 3 ft and our bridge which is the low end of normal. Kayaks travel better at this level than canoes and poly canoes do better than aluminum ones. The weather is beautiful but we need RAIN RAIN RAIN. So everyone start doing rain dances. The cities got a boat load not to long ago but we got nothing up here.
On a Wild River Outfitters personal note –
For all of you that follow our Facebook page, Carl Palmquist worked for us for several years and his sister Annie is still on our employee list. Carl enlisted in the Army after his high school graduation. He went in the day before his birthday!!!!! He started boot camp the day of his birthday with no sleep for 36 hours!! And we think we have it tough. We wish him well and will keep people up
dated as he progresses through his boot camp and training. For those of you who would like to send a note his way – here is his address:

PVT Palmquist, Carl R. F Company, 2-60th INF REGT, 3rd Platoon 193rd INF BDE USATC & FJ Fort Jackson, SC 29207-6100 (Write a big #3 on the back of the envelope to identify the platoon)”

Hang in there Carl – we are thinking of you and sending our best wishes with lots of luck thrown in!!!!!

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Welcome to our river blog!!!!!

July 29th, 2012 2 comments

Welcome everyone – This is my first post on our new blog!!!!!
It’s already the end of July!!! the summer is two/thirds over!!!!! Have you done your paddle trip yet????

I just recently went down the Namekagon River from County K landing to Howell landing. Such a beautiful windy little river. We didn’t have a heron escort this time. In fact we didn’t see any herons but we saw a lot of weeds in the river!!! I am exploring as to why that might be.

Paddling water level in both rivers (the St Croix and the Namekagon) is good. It is on the low end of normal which means paddling is still a lot of fun!!!

For those of you that know about the Snake River adventure we had about a month ago – we still are missing a solo kayak, a Current Design Kestril. If anyone knows the whereabouts of it, please let us know.. A good Samaritan that works for the hydro dam in St. Croix Falls, found one of the kayaks for us. Was very much appreciated!!!

Question for our readers – is there anything specific you would like to see written here??? Since I’ve never done this before I am open to suggestions!!!!

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