Recreational Paddlers Checklist

Download the PDF here: Recreational Paddlers Checklist

  • Garbage bags (plural!!!) The National Park Service has a PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT policy. There are no garbage or recycling receptacles at ANY of the landings or campsites. Help keep your rivers clean. We recycle at WRO and can provide bags for you – be sure to ask us. Keep your garbage separate from your recycling so you can easily put them in the proper bins at our store. Think GREEN!!
  • Maps – We provide sectional maps with each trip
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunglasses strap – (don’t want to lose those glasses in the river!!!)
  • Sunscreen – (Who wants a red nose or fried thighs)
  • Lip balm
  • Binoculars (Great for seeing the eagles, their nests, and other wild life)
  • Hat or cap – (the sun can be pretty intense on the river on those warm summer days)
  • Mosquito/tick repellent – (essential in our neck of the woods; we are located in a high deer tick area)
  • Fishing license (a Minnesota license if you are a resident of MN, Wisconsin license if you are a resident of WI, or a non-resident license from either state if you are not a MN or WI resident)
  • Worms – crawlers – leeches – we have them in our store if you need them!
  • Water shoes or old shoes you don’t mind getting wet (Bare feet or loose sandals are NOT recommended)
  • Rain gear
  • Old Towels come in handy – especially when kayaking – (putting a towel over your legs helps keep you and your pants a little drier as you use the kayak paddle)
  • Food – snacks – water – (It helps to have your food in a watertight container or bag – don’t forget your Jiffy Pop for over the campfire – it’s always a challenge!)
  • Small cooler with ice to hold lunches (soft sided ones work great in the kayaks)
  • Camera – in a water proof bag
  • Small waterproof bags to hold small gear (Ziploc bags work great, especially the freezer ones)
  • First aid kit or at the very least some band aids
  • Rope for tying gear and/or coolers to the canoe thwarts (cross bars in a canoe – DO NOT tie canoes together. That can do damage to you and your canoe)
  • Pocket knife comes in handy. (Our son, Ben, highly recommends this)
  • Change of clothes that are kept in dry bags is especially good for cool days or “chance of rain” days.
  • Layers of clothing – this way you have options!!!

FYI: We do have a gift shop and convenience store that sells some of the basics listed above

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