Thanks for the suggestion dw – will try to do this at least weekly if not more.
Water levels currently are low. It is 3 ft and our bridge which is the low end of normal. Kayaks travel better at this level than canoes and poly canoes do better than aluminum ones. The weather is beautiful but we need RAIN RAIN RAIN. So everyone start doing rain dances. The cities got a boat load not to long ago but we got nothing up here.
On a Wild River Outfitters personal note –
For all of you that follow our Facebook page, Carl Palmquist worked for us for several years and his sister Annie is still on our employee list. Carl enlisted in the Army after his high school graduation. He went in the day before his birthday!!!!! He started boot camp the day of his birthday with no sleep for 36 hours!! And we think we have it tough. We wish him well and will keep people up
dated as he progresses through his boot camp and training. For those of you who would like to send a note his way – here is his address:

PVT Palmquist, Carl R. F Company, 2-60th INF REGT, 3rd Platoon 193rd INF BDE USATC & FJ Fort Jackson, SC 29207-6100 (Write a big #3 on the back of the envelope to identify the platoon)”

Hang in there Carl – we are thinking of you and sending our best wishes with lots of luck thrown in!!!!!