It’s Spring!!!!

The ice is almost out – you can see open water south of the Hwy 70 Bridge!! I predict in the next couple of days if weather stays above freezing. We are starting to gear up for the season!! and reservations are starting to come in!!!
As some of you may know – we have 2 ewes and each had twins the beginning of March. Ruby had hers in the big snow storm (9 inchs!) and my niece, Carrie, had to save one from freezing to death. Needless to say, he is a bottle baby and the darling of the farm!! The other 3 are females. Cute as all get out. They run, jump, do pirouettes in the air and bounce on all 4 feet – quite funny to watch.
Jerry and I missed the whole thing because we were in Spain visiting our son, Ben and touring the country with him in a rental car. It was a fantastic trip. We looked at all the rivers we encountered and I have to say, we have the BEST RIVER right here at home. We are so fortunate to have a protected river right here in Northern WI – MN.
As the river ice floats out we will be posting the river level weekly as well as putting a few words out there about the river and things!!! HAPPY SPRING