Friday river level update

The river level at the Hwy 70 bridge is 7’1″ – Excellent, excellent paddling. Going through the rapids should be quick – some standing waves but no where near the 3 -4 ft we had a week ago.
We had an accident in front of our place tonight – a car was stopped with blinker on to turn and another car just ran right into the back end of this car.
State Road 70, a US highway, carries a tremendous amount of traffic – traffic that many times doesn’t follow the speed limit, so be careful and SLOW DOWN – Life is to short as it is to end it prematurely on some dumb highway!!!!

2 replies on “Friday river level update”

Hi Marilyn and everybody,
Nice blog. I am glad to see it. How the conditions now and what do you think they would be like on Monday?